Kera Seeds

Kera SeedsKera is a Souvenir Seed Company, established in the heart of the Netherlands. Back in the days of activism, the founder of Kera Seeds had a revelation about the social-cultural importance of ancient cannabis. With a background in research and sales, Kenneth focussed on gathering information about the genesis of strains. During the start of his career, he worked for well-known cannabis brands like Soft Secrets. His knowledge, experience, research, and development are the basis for the high-quality cannabis products of Kera. The kind-hearted professional shared his findings with like-minded individuals. Knowledge expansion resulted in a new way of preserving seeds and improving genetics. Next to his true belief in the value of cannabis for society, Kenneth is a tranquil family man. Nowadays his focus is on anchoring cannabis products in modern society by advising both small and large companies about the commercial opportunities of cannabis products.

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