Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are non-photoperiod plants, which means they will start to flower automatically after 2 – 3 weeks from seed germination without change of light period. Due to this fact are autoflowering cannabis seeds very easy to grow and suitable for beginners. Most of auto seeds are ready to harvest till 3 months from seed germination, some super fast autoflowering seeds till 2,5 months from germination. This makes automatic cannabis seeds the fastest cannabis plants in the world. Autoflowering seeds offered by our company are the best of the best of long term breeding programs of respected seed banks. During the years of selective breeding appeared on the market a lot of interesting autoflowering hybrids with short flowering time, increased yields, THC and CBD content. We guarantee that all our autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminised with only the best reviews from customers. Buy high quality cannabis seeds at

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